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The Legal Issues with Dog Bites

April 21, 2018

Having a dog is a great thing. However, there are things every dog owner needs to know as the dog can bite anyone at any time. While we do know some of the reasons a dog might bite someone such as being irritable or being afraid. There are still moments when it might happen out of nowhere. Here are legal things every dog owner should know.

The Health Side of Having Dogs

When it comes to having any animals, one must be sure they keep up to date on all the shots needed. Any vet can ensure that you get these shots and keep record of it for you. Should someone get bit by your dog, they will request to see records of this. The biggest fear a person would have should your dog bite someone would be the case they have rabies in which the person they bit could be infected with the disease. This is why rabies shots are required when you own a dog. The other part of keeping your animal healthy is to ensure they have yearly visits and taking them in when you notice they just aren’t quite themselves. By doing this, you keep the risk of them lashing out or biting someone because they don’t feel good and this allows you to keep the dog contained when this might be the case.

Knowing the Temperament

Any dog bite attorney services royal oak mi will tell you there are some dogs which are more prone to being aggressive. While it’s okay to have such dogs, it’s also important you know how to keep your dog away from people who the dog isn’t too sure about. Having a fenced yard can help reduce the risk of these types of dogs from meeting strangers. When you are walking your dog if this is the type of breed you own, then it’s imperative you leash the dog as well as even consider putting a muzzle on your dog. While it might seem inhumane to put a muzzle on your fur baby, you will be happy you did when you aren’t the one paying legal fees as you know your dog didn’t do the biting.

Other Safety Practices

Education with people who aren’t in your dogs’ daily lives is always something a dog owner should be able to do when they are out and about. When someone comes up to pet your dog and you know your dog’s temperament, teach them to ask you or anyone who owns a dog first before they reach out to pet the dog. Education doesn’t just mean educating the public but educating your dog as well. If you aren’t too sure how to handle the dog to listen to your commands when you are out and about or even just in your yard, then it’s wise to enroll in behavior classes.

These are some things that owners of dogs can do to ensure they aren’t drug in for law suits. Knowing your animal and taking care of them is part of being an owner. If you aren’t ready to follow through on these, then having a dog might not be in your best interest.