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Understanding Domestic Violence Penalties in Lancaster California 

September 7, 2017

According to California Penal Code Section 1203.097 PC, specific penalties are required when a person is sentenced to probation for a domestic violence conviction. Domestic violence is the criminal act outlined in the 6211 FC of the state’s family code section. This means a victim of domestic violence can be a former spouse, spouse, significant other and someone living them the person accused.

Probation and Domestic Violence Conviction

Probation requires a person convicted of a crime to follow to certain rules imposed by the court to stay out of jail. These means the court will impose a jail sentence on the individual convicted of domestic violence. They will suspend that sentence and order probation. If the person doesn’t meet all the court-imposed requirements, they will serve their remaining time in jail.

Probation applies in many cases whether the domestic violence involved any type of physical contact or a lesser charge like disturbing the peace. Physical contact includes things like spousal battery and corporal injury to a spouse. It’s vital to contact a domestic violence lawyer services lancaster ca for help when suspected or accused of domestic violence. A lawyer can help an individual accused avoid the severe consequences of domestic violence penalties.

Protective Order is another Domestic Violence penalty. This court-imposed protective order prevents the offender from making contact with the victim. Many people automatically assume a protective order means that a person must stay away from the victim or go to jail. In California, there different levels of contact in a protect order. For example, a Level One protective order does allow for some contact with the victim as long as it is peaceful.

Other Penalties Connected to a California Domestic Violence Conviction

In addition to probation and a protective order, the offender may have to pay a minimum fine of $500. Also, they may have to complete a batterers’ counseling program. Community service may also be a requirement. If the individual is not given probation, their time behind bars varies according to whether the domestic violence charge was a misdemeanor or felony. If the charge was a misdemeanor, then it is about one year in county jail. The time and location of the imprisonment charges if the domestic violence charge is a felony. It is three years in state prison for a conviction on domestic violence charges.

Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer Immediately

Those who are convicted of a domestic violence charge will be subjected to many penalties. For example, they will lose their right to obtain and own firearms for a certain period of time. For example, if they are convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence, they lose their rights for 10 years. Certain employers are prohibited from hiring people with a domestic violence conviction. Unfortunately, some people even lose their jobs because they lose their professional license due to a domestic violence conviction. Thus, it’s important to avoid all these severe consequences by hiring a lawyer and fighting the charge.