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Why Everyone Should Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

February 15, 2018

Bankruptcy claims need to be handled with care as they consist of large amounts of paperwork, talking to creditors, communicating with court clerks and judges, and understanding state and federal laws. By contacting any consumer bankruptcy attorney oklahoma city ok you will have someone at your side with experience to represent you in the courtroom and have the professional courtesy that you are lacking. Without the help of an attorney, you will find yourself at a loss with all the detailed filing that a bankruptcy claim consists of.


During the consumer bankruptcy process, you would normally have to speak to all the creditors whom you owe money to, but with an attorney at hand, they will do all the talking for you. With the creditors, they will discuss settlements, negotiations, and any court dates that may be coming up in the future. For the first time filers, communicating with creditors can be very stressful as you are unaware of what information you are supposed to have on hand so having an attorney that is able to do this for you is beyond beneficial.


Having an attorney that is experienced with filing bankruptcy claims is extremely important as there is a lot of paperwork filing to be done and even more phone calls to make. Alongside of paperwork and calls to creditors, an attorney must be familiar with state and federal laws revolving around bankruptcy claims. This includes being aware of the statutory limits on how long you have to file certain paperwork and get it in front of a judge. Not being aware of these things could quickly lead you to a dead end street and a loss in your claim.

Professional Courtesy

Attorneys that handle bankruptcy claims normally have ties with court clerks and judges, making it easy to communicate with everyone on your case. This means that your attorney has very strong knowledge of how that particular court system handles bankruptcy cases so it will be easier to help you along with your claim. If you were to take on your claim alone, chances are you would be blinded on how the courthouse handled such cases and would have less of a chance of winning your bankruptcy claim. Before you go ahead and file on your own, be sure to always ask for advice from an attorney at how to proceed.

By hiring a consumer bankruptcy attorney you are allowing yourself to have an experienced representative help guide you through your claim with their professional courtesies that you may be lacking. Once the process starts and paperwork and phone calls start coming in, you will be thankful that you took the time to contact an attorney to take on your case. In order for your attorney to do their job proficiently, you will need to make sure you provide them with a detailed list of all your creditors, past and present that you are in debt to.